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Madeleine Vionnet

To read about Madeleine Vionnet, the famous French designer who used the bias cut as her signature look, see the books below:

Betty Kirke, Vionnet (Chronicle Books, 1998, 2012)  ISBN-10: 1452110697.  This is THE work on Vionnet.  Includes a history of the house of Vionnet, a description of the designer’s method, and 32 patterns for Vionnet garments.

Vionnet, (Bunka Fashion College, 2009) in Japanese  ISBN:  4579109430. Members of the Bunka Fashion College used patterns from Betty Kirke's book and put them on gridded paper.  Includes excellent visual assembly instructions. 

Pamela Golbin, ed., Madeleine Vionnet (Rizzoli, 2009)  ISBN:  9780847832781.  This is the catalog of the extensive Vionnet exhibit that was held in Paris in 2009.

Lydia Kamitsis, Madeleine Vionnet (Thames & Hudson, 1996) in French ISBN:  2908228572.  Great photography of garments.  A favorite for inspiration!

Jacqueline Demornex, Patricia Canino, and Madeleine Chapsal, Vionnet (Thames & Hudson, 1991),  ISBN: 0500236240

Sophie Dalloz-Ramaux, Madeleine Vionnet, Créatrice de mode (Cabédita, 2006) in French.  ISBN:  2882954654

Janet Arnold, Patterns of Fashion 2: Englishwomen’s Dresses and their Construction, c. 1860-1940 (Macmillan, 1982)  ISBN: 0896760278.  Includes five Vionnet patterns as scale drawings with detailed descriptions of fabric and trims.

Julianne Bramson, ed., Vionnet Identique (Blurb, 2010).  This book documents the 2009 Vionnet Identique project, for which members of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals, guided by Sandra Ericson, made half-scale models of all the garments in the Betty Kirke book.

Richard Martin, Cubism and Fashion (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1998).  ISBN: 0300085885.  This fascinating book has detailed photos and descriptions of several of Vionnet's garments. 

Online Resources

Betty Kirke - www.bettykirke.com.  Kirke is working on a follow-up book to her groundbreaking original on Vionnet.

Sandra Ericson and the Center for Pattern Design - www.centerforpatterndesign.com.  It was Sandra who introduced us to designing in the style of Mme. Vionnet.  She lectures and teaches classes on Vionnet's work and also produces patterns inspired by Vionnet designs.




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